1. Your bedroom closet has…

  1. A staircase, a chaise lounge, and a piano bar
  2. A bunch of extra-small t-shirts from Value Village

2. Your perfect pet is…

  1. A snake named “Madame Curie”
  2. A teacup poodle that fits in a Chanel purse
  3. An ocelot that matches your jacket

3. Your name is on…

  1. The Hottie List
  2. The honor roll
  3. A yacht in the Mediterranean
  4. A performance hall at Harvard
  5. A brand of high-end blue jeans

4. You carry around a…

  1. Quilted pink Chanel purse
  2. Tote from the library that says “Reading is My Bag.”
  3. Backpack with a lucky rabbit’s foot

5. Your perfect date:

  1. Blacklight deejay party in loft, then midnight joyride in “borrowed” speedboat
  2. Book signing by your favorite graphic novelist
  3. Horse-drawn carriage ride at History Village

6. Last test you killed:

  1. Pre-Alg final exam
  2. Gossip World Magazine Quiz: “Can you match the tattoo to the celebrity?”

7. Your current crush:

  1. A science fair winner with a solar-powered backpack
  2. A bad boy Italian ski champ
  3. The Second Duke of Northumberland
  4. High school quarterback named “Princeton”
  5. A comic book-loving debate nerd who makes You Tube movies (hey, that’s Prezbo!)

8. What bugs you about your Mom?

  1. She over-shares at Mother/Daughter book club.
  2. Won’t let me pierce my belly button.

9. Last picture of you?

  1. Geography Bee group photo
  2. A week ago, on a stallion, by Annie Liebowitz
  3. SNAP! Taking one right now.
  4. Do shoe-fies count?

10. What do you looking forward to about high school?

  1. Joining a nationally-ranked debate team
  2. Not having to sneak into high school parties anymore
  3. No more fake I.D.’s
  4. So many things! AP French, AP English, AP History
  5. Joining the Future Dermatologists Club.


11. When do you text your friends?

  1. All. The. Time.
  2. To remind them of the Mix ‘N Math picnic
  3. At spelling bee, when Sanjay craters on “ziggurat”
  4. When “Dance Moms” is a re-run.




1.a=10, b=5 – 2. a=5, b, c=10 – 3. a, c, d, e =10 b=5

4. a=10; b ,c=10 – 5. a=10, b, c=5 – 6. a=5, b=10

7. a and c=5; b, c, d=10 – 8. a=5, b=10 – 9. a=5; b, c, d=10

10. a, d, e=5; b and c=10 – 11. a, d=10; b, c=5


76-100 points: Strap on those three-inch bejeweled toe-ring sandals. Obvi, you’re a Selfie, meant to rule the earth (or at least middle school). Take a victory lap.

65-75 points: You’ve some of Selfie’s glamor chops, and Becca’s nerd cred. Well done.

55-65 points: Slip into your no-name sneaks and embrace your inner Becca. You might not have a beauty salon at home, but you’re cruising to victory in the Junior Knowledge Bowl.