What time is is when Axl, Spike, Boris are chasing Danny?

Three after one.

Why does the Xerox machine kicked out of school?

It copied.

Danny’s mom: I’d like a Wii for my son.

Clerk: We don’t do trades.

Why wouldn’t Asia date her math book?

It had too many problems.

What did the chick say at the rock concert?

Wanna give a shout out of my peeps?

Why wasn’t the grizzly allowed in school?

She wanted to throw him a surprise patty.

Did you hear about the cafeteria cook who backed into the meat grinder?

She got a little bit behind her work.

Why did Jasper break open his computer?

He heard there were chips inside.

What monsters are good in math?

None, unless you Count Dracula.

Why was Danny arrested for graffiti?

He had to draw the line somewhere.

When a surfer gets married, what does he say?

I dude!

What does Godzilla eat when he goes to school cafeteria?

The school cafeteria.

Why did the police search a boring teacher’s classroom?

They heard there was a kid napping.

Why did the rock band hire snakes?

They needed to worm-up band.